In fact, every seam between the various sheet metal pieces was filled some some rubbery foam stuff. I ran weed trimmer line 3 or so feet into the tube from the top, then hit a hard stop and tube is still clogged. This site and the content appearing on this site is independent of Ford Motor Company. No sooner had I done that - then it rained for 3 days straight. Another instance for light reading: My Parents bought an '85 New Yorker 4cyl turbo new off the lot. I do not have a sunroof/moonroof. Ford Fusion Forums - General Topics. Then all of a sudden the leaks started happening. "Jim Warman" wrote in message news:TvTnm.43630$PH1.35313@edtnps82 "Fred" wrote in message. I took it to Nu-Look auto in Haymarket, VA., Suspension/Wheels/Brakes/Steering (Mk3 Mondeo). For this particular vehicle, right below the run drain opening, I takes a tighter turn so something stiffer may cause issues. Vista, tow pkg. My car was torn apart - seats taken out, seatbelts detached, everything to replace the moonroof parts and put in a new headliner. It is most likely clogged with debris, you can air blast it if you have a compressor, of use a coil plunger line, shove it down ther and push all of that until it comes out the end and of the bottom of the . The other possibility - IMO - is leak around the windshield Could also be the roof seam near the edge near the windshield. by Unobtainium Mon Mar 09, 2020 9:03 pm, Post Location; Windshield: Feb 2023: Malta, NY: Windshield: Feb 2023: HEMPSTEAD, NY . This should let out some of the trapped water and debris that is stuck in the drain. 3D Printed Futuristic Space Age Wall Clock. Front Sliding Glass Panel. When the sunroof pan fills up, or if you deliberately plug the drain holes, the water has nowhere to go and will certainly (if only slowly) drain into the cabin. Used a kitchen syringe to squirt water down into the drain holes. When putting water into the driver side drain hole, the water immediately filled the driver side floorpan. 2014 Ford Flex Limited EcoBoost A SMALL PIECE OF CRIMPED HOSE IN THE DRAIN WAS REPLACED. by 6door74 Mon Mar 09, 2020 4:30 pm, Post I've done this today as i suspected blocked sunroof drains. View All Result. Is it an easy fix? Found it. . The problem was that the sunroof did not close fully and left a slight gap at the back when clossing. Does anyone know where the end of the drain pipe is located,as i think mine is bunged up. So I don't know if it ever had that problem again, but I have not had a problem with the 08. If available one could also try an electrician's steel fish line wire. Where I park the back is downhill and the water has collecting in the track until it overflows. I have the PC cleaning cans of air. 4 years ago Yes, 2009 FORD FUSION SEL V6 W/MOONROOF LEAKS WHEN IT RAINS. I hope this helps some of you. I'm not sure how to get closer to it without taking out at least part of the dash. Come join the discussion about news, reviews, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! LEAKING THRU SUNVISOR. Performance Upgrades - Maintenance - Modifications - Problem Solving. I was driving down the road and I noticed one tiny drop of water come out of the sunglass holder. This pinpoint test is intended to diagnose the following: Roof opening panel glass alignment ; . While a faulty seal could be the reason for your leak, the most common cause of a leaky sunroof is a clog in the drainage system that carries water away. It is a damn shame. He has attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, where he studied automotive design, and the University of New Mexico, where he studied journalism. Rear tubes don't have that valve, so shouldn't get blocked. Mk1 1995 N Dark Aubergine 2.0 GLX Estate with smoke indicators electric everything and dark smoke window tint, tailgate spoiler light smoke slimline wind deflectors, Truffle Leather interior with heaters. I have the same issue but no idea how the water gets from the cowl drain into the vehicle. Its been 100% reliable and not a single issue. . 2005 Ford . The silicon worked and there is no more leakage. They couldn't find the leak until I showed it to them. About Us - Ma. You have to drill out these rivets and power the glass back and forward to get the guides and rods out. Any thoughts/suggestions? Its free and only takes a minute, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited. 2007 Fusion sunroof. Our 2012 Ford Escape repeatedly fills with so much moldy water that the seats have to be taken out and the carpets pulled up. Or there could be a bad seal somewhere. CAR RETURNED TO US. Fusions are known to get clogged AC drain plugs. Go to this message thread and start reading: See if this helps with visualizing where the drains are. My 2007 Fusion had a water problem. FIRST LEAK STILL THERE, NOW A SECOND LEAK IN DRIVER'S, DOOR/WINDSHIELD FRAME UPHOLSTERY. No sign of windshield leaking, ceiling in car is not wet. Yep. I don't even WANT the Moonroof but I've got to buy it as it's packaged with the SONY Stereo. & 303A. Clean any dirt and remove debris with a damp cloth. I had to have a 3rd windshield and then it was fixed. This pushes the drainage system to its limits. This is the drain. Began in 2015 as a leak only when going through a car wash. Step 1 Locate the drain holes. Members can start their own topics & subscribe to topics Guidance please. Right in the corners there is a 1/4" hole on both sides. I pulled the wheel well liner back and away from the the firewall and was unable to locate any sort of drain port. Home; All Hands on Tech . I should have only poured a tiny bit. is your one-stop portal to the best auto glass shops in your area. Moral: Dont buy Chrysler or Keep your car garaged if you can. Thats what we all use here. May 17, 2008 in Maintenance, Recalls and TSB (Technical Service Bulletins), Has anyone else experienced the following. Cleaning out the Sunroof/Vista Roof drains, Re: Cleaning out the Sunroof/Vista Roof drains. FOURTH SERVICE - THIS TIME THRU OVERHEAD LIGHT/MOONROOF CONTROL, OTHER TWO LEAKS. A MAJOR FLAW HOWEVER, IN THE STRUCTURAL DESIGN OF MOONROOF. The Ford Fusion Forumis not affiliated with, sponsored, endorsed, licensed or approved by Ford Motor Company. You cannot paste images directly. If you get more water than the pocket will hold the rest spills over the top of the pocket and into the floorpan. Search by Part Number(s), Keywords, or VIN. Feed the wire or cord in until it comes out the other side if you have a viewable drain exit. Your link has been automatically embedded. had lied about doing work on the car when they didn't even have the car at the time. There is none. I've been trying to locate where the tube exits out at the bottom. Reactions: Robert Knickerbocker, . I've had a Cougar and a Mustang with a Moonroof. found a seam where the floor pan meets the firewall that was supposed to be sealed with some kind of foam or silicone. Mar 3, 2021 Random guy walking dog better informational resource than the Org lol You can post now and register later. It could be a big help to other members. i rear ended another car going about 10 miles per hour. When a sunroof drain does become plugged, the common signs are either a wet headliner, water dripping from the headliner, wet roof pillar, a damp carpet or water pooling in the foot wells. I got in it one morning and the inside was soaked after it rained. For this I have a roll of wire, this is stranded copper wire with an insulation. 4 Likes Home Categories It runs well and the bells and whistles are great. The drain channel collects water and drains it through the front drain hose(s) located in the A-pillar and the rear drain hose(s) located in the C-pillar. It did not leak at all the first 5 months I owned the car. How would i unclogg the drain from the moon roof if that is the problem? Sunroof Cleaning. Well i pushed a brake cable up through that valve and yes i got quite a bit of horrible black gunge followed by some clear water. No water on the floor. The work they preceded to do on the vehicle has actually caused a substancial amount of damage to it. Howdy Super Duty Fans! They replaced the glass on the moonroof and scratched the daylights out of the car doing so and their testing somehow resulted in water damage all around the windshield. Pull the door seal trim away so it's out of the way. Apparently Fordspot welds the seams, then apply a sealer which had failed. Not something to expect considering sunroofs have seals too. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Weed whacker string from the bottom up. Cookie Policy - ok, I cant find a picture, but if you stick your head under the passenger side dash below the glove box and look right where the heater box meets the firewall of the engine bay (you will need to move floormat and maybe even pull edge of carpet back a bit) you will see a plastic tube that comes from that lower edge of the heater case and goes through the engine bay firewall. With it open all the way, look. by Unobtainium Tue Mar 10, 2020 4:24 pm, Post Those connect to the drain tubes. Display as a link instead, Here's the rear rail back in Here's the dumb kinked tube. What worked for me was a length of insulated 2-conductor indoor house wiring cable. You can see them without removing any trim, but to get access to the end of the drain tube you have to remove the kick panel. In Ford F150, these sunroof drains are present on both the front and rear ends of the assembly. Thanks again, I am having to wear wellies at the moment. 2008 Ford Fusion 48,000 mi, Visitor. Ive already determined which drain is leaking and normally that can be done by having an idea where the water is leaking or gathering. I posted this in some similar threads seems like this happens for different reasons. Best recourse is to take it to your dealer and have them diagnose it. I've had Moonroofs in my past 3 vehicles and only on the first one did I select it because I had never had one before. The trimmer line "snake" was a brilliant idea. 1. Should be an easy fix, the reason for the wait is because they probably have another company come out for water leaks. Quote 08Fusion Fusion Member 53 Posted May 17, 2008 If you want to know where it exits just pour water around the edges of your sunroof and then watch under the car for it to come out. Who's idea was it to fit these valves? Location: Canada Vehicle: 2003 Ford F-150. If Ford leaves you out in the cold, just get a replacement moonroof from a junkyard based in a rust free portion of the US. That's right - FABRIC. Wonderful, The car I'm looking to pick up this weekend has the Sun and sync package. I have a 2007 Ford Focus. hello ford community i've owned a 2010 ford fusion hybrid since 2017 and have had no problems with it other than the leaking sunroof. I was told some times the tube running down the A Pillar can have a kink or slight bend in it. Where is the ac drain located on a 2016 Fusion? Manage Preferences - Ultimately, if anyone else has this problem it may be a great help. The repair man has twice found clogs in the interior drainage columns connecting to the Sunroof . There may be a TSB on this. "Jeff" wrote in message "Fred" wrote in message news:4a9f8f21$0$22526$ Now you can take my word for it - my source of information is section 501-17 Roof Opening Panel in the 2008 factory WSM or you can part with a few bucks a for your very own WSM. I had to do some cleanup. How to fix the sunroof on a Ford Fusion Pull down the fuse panel under the steering wheel to open it. I know our dealership does, just because those people specialize in water leaks on cars. I just bought my fusion with sunroof in Sept. and since then I have had water leak from the sunglass holder about 3 times. a few days ago. These drains are normally feed through the roof pillars and exit somewhere underneath the vehicle. Pasted as rich text. JavaScript is disabled. ford_leak Fusion Member 4 Region:U.S. Southern Atlantic My Fusion:Decline Author Posted October 4, 2020 Update: It is indeed leaking down the left (driver's) side, from the corner up behind the dash. The Fusion is equipped with a moonroof but I've had the drains cleaned and even went as far as pouring water down the drain tube that runs along that part of the car and it stayed dry inside, I thought it might have been the corner of the windshield but after using some heaving duty caulking along the top of the windshield it's still getting wet Finally, confirm if the glass is tightly sealed to the body. FACTORY installed sun roof have gutters, I finally got around to doing some investigating. Pasted as rich text. Understand the principle, anyone mind sharing the actual locations? Twist and squeeze the rubber ends of the drain to help release the dirt and debris. Contact Us - I spoke with the dealer today and he said he thinks the sunroof drains are clogged. I'm glad my wife finally convinced me to give up and take it to someone who know what they were doing. Home; About Us; My Account. Will study it more tomorrow, when I can stand it. Luckily I've never had any leaks though and I would have thought that Moonroofs are pretty dependable and solid today. by TwoTone Wed Mar 11, 2020 6:52 am, Post 3. A forum community dedicated to all Ford owners and enthusiasts. I had a similar problem in my 2015 Super Duty. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that all works out well. Cycle the ignition to the OFF position and then back to the ON position. After arbitration Ford had to buy back the car! It seems I have had that bad luck too. Could you post a photo of these two holes you refer to? Sunroofs add an element of fun to your everyday drive, but sometimes they break. HEADLINER REMOVED AND. I had wet carpet in the front and rear floor area under the mats on the driver side. Ford 2018-2020 Expedition 2018-2020 F-150 2018-2020 F-Super Duty Lincoln . Its free and only takes a minute, Return to Maintenance / Care / TSB's / Recalls, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited. Do you know where the front drains exit? DIB/Silver roof. Be sur. When the bands wear out, the deflector plate sits too high, causing it to get stuck between the sunroof . Your link has been automatically embedded. The difference is important! The dealership was smart enough to avoid a lawsuit by letting him get another car at a great discount. NOTE: Complete the following within 5 seconds: A. Yes, assuming your 2019 Fusion is still within the 3 year/36,000 mile New Vehicle Warranty, or an ESP that covers the moonroof, make an appointment with your Ford Dealer to have the issue properly diagnosed and corrected. . Did you make this project? My car was at the dealers for about 35 days total. THIS TIME A SUPERVISOR CONFIRMED THE LEAK. JavaScript is disabled. They all have drain tubes. If the drains become clogged, it can make your interior smell musty and eventually create a major problem. jerseyfusion, If an item is subject to sales tax at the location where the sale takes place, tax is generally calculated on . Locate your sunroof's drains. These drains are normally feed through the roof pillars and exit somewhere underneath the vehicle. Sunroof leaks are covered under the regular warranty, but not the extended warranty. On the driver side there is also a large bundle of wires that needs to be pulled aside. If you shop at (for anything), use this link to support! ALL sun roof have drain holes. It's never a bunch only a couple dropsI'm taking it to the dealership to be checked for a leak next time I get an oil changenot sure what the deal is but its frustrating on such a new car! Just noticed that I typed 3/6" I.D. 5 years ago. I think motors can be had for around $80. Was looking for a way to drill a hole in this area, but finally gave up and just starting pulling out chunks of the rubbery foam stuff. The drains run down the a pillars. 2018 Lincoln MKZ 3.0T AWD. When cleaning the drain, its also a great idea to ensure there is no debris around the sunroof area which could worsen the clog or cause another clog. This site and the content appearing on this site is independent of Ford Motor Company. 2018-2020 F-Super Duty: Remove The Metal Shield From The Evaporator Drain, i think it is from the sunroof not draining properly so I'm . So several litres per minute of rain water gets dumped on the top of the car, much more than the drain is able to clear. Terms of Service - When a sunroof drain does become plugged, the common signs are either a wet headliner, water dripping from the headliner, wet roof pillar, a damp carpet or water pooling in the foot wells. Advertising - There is a spring loaded deflector plate spanning the the width of the sunroof. You will see a "ditch" where the water gathers in the front. Chrome trim and eXcel Alloys.Not quite a Ghia +. You'd think manufacturers would outline it in the owner's manual as a preventative maintenance step. 10/21/17. Technical How-To Articles. Some 2016-2017 edge/mkx, 2017 continental, and 2017 fusion/mkz vehicles equipped with a 2.7l or 3.0l gasoline turbocharged direct injection (gtdi) engine and built on 1-apr-2016 and through 1-jan-2017 may exhibit white or blue smoke from th. THIRD SERVICE - REPLACED HEADLINER. After WEEKS at the dealership, they found that the drain holes punched in the body werent punched. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. i noticed the headliner getting wet around the A pillars WE ARE CONSULTING ATTORNEY FOR, NEXT STEP - LEMON LAW OR DEALER REPLACEMENT. First we can use an air compressor to blow out any debris. I did them from the top down the first times but need to try the reverse. The drains normally continue down the roof or window posts, directing water flow to the underside of the vehicle. At first they told me they couldn't work on it per Ford Council due to my BBB claim. What I found is that I never or seldom use it except as a window to the sky. Sunroofs/Moonroofs are increasing in popularity with todays car buyers. Man I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. HOWEVER CAR WAS STILL. SPRAY TEST WAS NEGATIVE FOR LEAKS. These drains are normally feed through the roof pillars and exit somewhere underneath the vehicle. Check inside the car to see if you still have leaks. Sunroof drain location I'm trying to find the location of the drain at the rear of the panoramic sunroof (2019 F250). A sunroof drainage system is commonly present in every model of Ford, like F150, F250, and F350 from 2000 to 2022. I never had to worry if I didn't close the roof as any water would drainaway. I'd like to try going in from the bottom. Subject: 2012 Ford Escape premium care warranty for Sunroof. Does anyone else have this issue? I'm not sure how to get closer to it without taking out at least part of the dash. Cookie Policy - The Ford Fusion Forumis not affiliated with, sponsored, endorsed, licensed or approved by Ford Motor Company. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The "2010 ford fusion sunroof repair kit" is a product that can be used to fix the problem of a broken or [] No Result. Clear editor. 2. I had to move the corner of the pop-up wind deflector that is clipped down to see it. All site content Copyright 2007-var year=new Date(); year=year.getYear(); if (year<1900) year+=1900; document.write(year); is in no way affiliated with Ford Motor Company. Sun roof open and - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic 5. Posted by Anonymous on Nov 05, 2012. register to join our community Pulled up the carpet on the driver side and used towel to dry the area. The sunroof drains are an aspect of your car that you probably rarely, if ever, think about. Archive - I do have to say that the dealer went above and beyond trying to help me. I dried everything, then ran a hose on the cowl and the water quickly reappeared. Sucks about the wait, and I'm sorry about the frustration on such a new car, but let's hope they can get it in and resolved quickly. I had photos and video and tried going thru the BBB but felt the manufacturer was not being cooperative and dropped my BBB claim. After a rain (the first day the car wasnt garaged) my Father jumped in and when he took off a gallon of water literally fell in his lap from under the dash. To see where it "should" be going, I also squirted water into the passenger side drain hole. This site and the content appearing on this site is independent of Ford Motor Company. Find wheels, tires, body panels, brakes, engine components, exhaust systems, shock absorbers, struts, electrical products, fluids, chemicals, lubricants, filters and more. Some photos from yesterdays drying out session. Location: Land of Oz Vehicle: 2012 Flex SE FWD. After pulling out the trim and roof lining and not finding any blockage Ive just sealed up my sunroof with gutter silicon. . . NOTE: The driver front door must be open during the entire procedure. Weirdly, a bottle of water poured into the gutter drains well and this problem also does not occur at the car wash. STILL LEAKING. Next, examine the drain holes to verify they are clear of any obstruction which may prevent water from draining through. Just bought an 06 expedition ,so new to this forum. to. Come join the discussion about news, reviews, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! 0. This is all directly beneath the drain for the sunroof. When broken, it does not pull the drain to the proper location, allowing the water to drain in the car. In this video I show how we fixed a leaking sunroof on a 2012 Ford Focus. I like the rest of the car so far but my family owned a ford once before and that wasn't that great of an experience so I'm a bit leary. Make sure the metal strip of the fuse is not burned or damaged. Any photos would be greatly appreciated. I really think their final push was what brought resolution to my situation. 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Stupid stupid Mr Ford for fitting a daft valve at the pipe exit. Though the sunroof is sealed to keep most moisture out, some moisture and water does come in through the gap between the sunroof and the car itself. I do not think this is a ford fusion specific issue, as i heard of someone having this issue with a bmw, but it flooded both sides of the car. If this happens to you - caution them to be careful with greasy boots and hands on the. Snake out a really stubborn clog with a speedometer cable. Water is coming in under the dashboard on the driver's side, apparently on the left side next to the door. TSB ID: 17-2235. by alancrosby Thu Sep 01, 2011 11:42 pm. Livid isnt a strong enough word. ford_leak, Nevertheless she still had a strong case. Take the vehicle to a professional service provider if you continue to have problems with the sunroof. Having a drip tray would suggest Fords expect a lot of water to get through. Mine is 2006 Fusion. First you will need to open the sunroof as this is the easiest way to access the drains. Ford is forcing the Moonroof on buyers in a package deal. I felt the roof and sure enough it was pretty saturated with water. I'm pretty upset considering I've only had the car for just under a month. I know it is stopped up as I can see and feel the water trapped in the right rear corner. This I did with little success because it happened again. FORD ENGINEER WAS CALLED IN. They're replacing the glass (I assume it comes already attached to the seal) as soon as it comes in. Anyone know what the problem is or how to fix? After a torrential rain, the foot mat at the driver's get waterlogged sometimes spilling over to the other side and backwards. Blow compressed air into the drains if there is no water coming out of the rubber drain exits. the driver's side carpet is wet. By Let it dry following the liquid tape manufacturer's directions. Problem solved. Top. carpet and headliner etc. This will save me a lot of time not having to find the rear pipes… for now. The sunroofs drain into containers that are glued (butyl) or riveted to the ends of the tracks. Clear editor. We are looking for a hole which is at the base of the sunroof trim or frame. Got rid of the 07 and now have an 08. The Ford Fusion Forumis not affiliated with, sponsored, endorsed, licensed or approved by Ford Motor Company. OOPS! GUESS WHAT - STILL LEAKING THRU SUNVISOR AND SIDE, DOOR/WINDSHIELD FRAME UPHOLSTERY. Of course what helped her case was the dealer service dept. Post After 3 days of rain and 2 trips to the dealership, we discovered that the windshield was loose. Hi, from what I know the rear drains don't have a one way valve. Copyright 2023 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media. The techs were somewhat sloppy putting the car back together. Re: Cleaning out the Sunroof/Vista Roof drains. I have a '08 fusion with the sunroof. Have had 6 cars with sunroofs, never a leakage issue. Poured 2 gallons of water over the windshield and let it drain down thru the airbox intake (cowl). If you download the images to your computer you can alter the color/brightness/contrast if necessary to better spot some of the details. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. It will likely be the 2 front moonroof drains that are clogged. Car enthusiast YouTuber creating helpful tutorial videos on both repairs and customizations. It wasn't their fault. I guess it makes sense though considering most rains isn't literally a bucket like a gutter drain would be. I intend to go back and use a screwdriver to make a bend in the sheetmetal seam and create a more deliberate drain gap. Step 3: Ensure Drainage System is not Clogged. In this article, we consider the first-generation Ford Fusion (US) after facelift, produced from 2010 to 2012. Members can start their own topics & subscribe to topics by WithinU Tue Mar 10, 2020 1:18 pm, Post The issue isstill there and the flow may be mitigated if parked on a slope with the nose down. Locate the drain holes. My 2012 Fusion has a water leak when it rains, leaving standing water in both sides of the back seat floorboard. Upload or insert images from URL. Depending on your vehicle, the location of these may vary, though the front drain holes in most cars exit in the doorjamb or under the car. I will take mine apart this weekend if the weather permits. After Irene passed I found one inch of rain water sloshing around the floor in front of the front passenger's seat. I was told some times the tube running down the A Pillar can have a kink or slight bend in it. No problems in 14k (at the time)miles then one trip from back from AR to GA. Diagnosis: I parked the car in the usual inclined position. Location UNION DALE PA. First, check the sunroof to verify it is sealed properly. Nice S-shaped kink. I only found the A section wet twice, which was after really heavy rain and the car was on an angle so it couldn't drain through the rear drainage tubes. Clean off any dirt, leaves and debris around the drain holes. My cousin's girlfriend had the same problem. If the air compressor does not work or you do not have access to one, use a wire.

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