Spot welding

The so-called spot welding refers to a form of resistance welding, wherein the workpieces are selectively compressed by means of two electrodes and welded by the supply of electrical voltage and the entsptrechenden heating of the metal. Spot welding often occurs in sheet metal processing, e.g. used in vehicle construction.

Welding devices

Both to facilitate the work and to enable the most accurate execution possible in welding, welding devices, e.g. Welding gauges or welding tables used.

Automotive industry

From mass production in production vehicles to material processing in motor racing, welding tools such as welding tongs and welding cylinders in the automotive industry must meet particularly high demands on reliability, precision and quality.

Wire and sheet metal industry

Also in the wire and sheet metal industry, welding guns and welding cylinders are used in a variety of tools and robotic applications to ensure optimum production processes and best possible results in the production of lattices, steel mats, chains and sheets.